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Kameron Draper


Kameron has been a real estate agent for the last 14 years.  Kameron has a keen talent for finding those hard to find properties. He also has a knack for investment properties whose value has the potential to increase, and has flipped properties for many years. Kameron always has a sharp focus on the transaction process and is always striving to provide top notch service to his clients. 

Toni Salazar Draper


Toni is a life long Alaskan and long time Realtor. With a background in Oil and Gas marketing,  Toni is always looking for angles to get your property out to the world and sold as quickly as possible for the highest price. Whether behind the scenes or out in the field Toni has a positive enthusiasm for real estate and is always happy to help!

Stearns Lending



We love helping people finance their dream!
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